Migration to Snowflake: A Traveler's Log
with Intricity, SqlDBM & BladeBridge

The task of migrating your data backbone from one code base to another requires detailed planning, a defined process, and automation tooling. The organization's data management assets are coupled with each other, so often that a migration isn’t as easy as a single string pull.

To shed some light on both the process and the assets required, Intricity, BladeBridge, and SqlDBM are proud to present this migration spotlight.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to prepare for your code migration
  • How to stand up a code conversion factory
  • Roles and responsibilities of team members during a migration
  • How code conversion automation works


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Snowflake Migration Deep Dive Series


Serge SQLdbm


Snowflake Architect, Chief Technical Writer


Jared Round BW


Vice President of Emerging Technologies


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Executive VP and Co-Founder


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