Data Validation (DVF)



Data Validation Factory (DVF)

Onboarding data from other organizations or groups can be challenging. Often this process is handled through Excel Spreadsheets or CSV files. And while those submitting data have your template, that template often goes ignored or gets deviated from, resulting in dirty data being submitted. This creates frustrations when it comes to centralizing all those data submissions because the variations create multiple inaccurate values. Intricity’s Data Validation Factory addresses this challenge by dynamically assembling errors based on the rules you have specified. This way the person sending you data gets feedback on deviations from the validated data types you will accept.

These rules along with their associated data corrections are interfaced through a cloud web service which you can use to drive the exchange of data and ensure clean data submissions.


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Onboarding data

Do you receive data from outside parties? Does that data sometimes not meet your criteria? Do you have to call individual partners or groups to correct their data submission? This is often the case with many organizations which receive data from 3rd parties. We recommend you look at the Intricity Data Validation Factory (DVF)

How does DVF relate to DFaaS?

Intricity's DVF can be part of a larger suite of capabilities in the cloud for managing data called DFaaS. With the broader DFaaS suite, Intricity provides the ability to conduct machine learning based records mastering. This delivers for the basic need of identifying how many unique customers (suppliers, products, partners, etc) you may have across the breadth of source systems you own. DFaaS also works hand-in-hand with Intricity's Information Factory as a Service (IFaaS). Thereby, enabling a full stack capacity to validate onboarded data and master the uniqueness of that data then have that data be presented as a scalable data warehouse in the cloud with Dashboards and Analytics.

How much does it cost?

Intricity prices the DVF by the data volume. By filling out the form on this page we can help you determine the cost per month. Intricity offers discounts for multi-year subscriptions. We have found that the DVF usually costs a tenth what a manual validation process costs.