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The Data to Information Factory

For years, business departments have had to live in the hamster wheel of hand integrating data because they didn't have the resources to deliver conformed data across the various data sources. Hours of excel rework were just part of the daily backlog of required work to make business decisions. IT departments tasked with keeping the lights on have struggled to keep up with the constant demands of building an information factory from the raw data.

Won't buying a BI tool solve our problem?

Business Intelligence is part of the solution but its only about 20% of the equation. The real work is in the integrating and conforming the data. You know, the 50 tabs in excel that manipulate data which lead to tab 51 which has the answers. Getting those 50 tabs of data integration logic automated is where the real blood sweat and tears are spilled. Doing that hard work requires a committed team that lives and breathes data, and a data to information factory which can scale and adapt to a changing landscape.

What is IFaaS?

IFaaS stands for Information Factory as a Service. It's a combination of turnkey Intricity consulting services combined with an open cloud solution architecture. The end result is a conformed and consistent source of data to draw from as well as dashboards & analytics which you can run your business from. Additionally the conformed data is open to querying from BI tools which are outside of Intricity's architecture, enabling you to leverage it in a flexible manner.

How much does it cost?

Intricity prices the IFaaS by user and by source. We also have a count for API access if that is needed. There is a one time stand-up cost for new customers. By filling out the form on the left we can help you determine the cost per month. Intricity offers discounts for multi-year subscriptions. We have found that the IFaaS usually costs half what a traditional internal data integration and BI solution costs.