Intricity is a trusted partner for migrations of both legacy MPP databases over to the cloud as well as addressing the ETL pipelines so they can run natively in your new cloud environment. We bring extensive expertise in both the source legacy platforms and the target cloud environments. This is especially the case with migrations to Snowflake.

The sheer breadth and depth of Intricity's experience with these varied platforms have made us a unique player for data migrations. Perhaps more importantly, Intricity has developed assets to address some of the more complex Data Migration scenarios such as MPP database replacements.




While there is no such thing as a fully "push button" migration, Intricity has found something close: a conversion factory for making any migration painless while addressing each platform's nuances. 

Intricity leverages BladeBridge, a pattern-based micro-accelerator that cycles through complex code types such as SQL, Stored Procedures, and Orchestration Jobs. This produces a pass/fail migration of objects where the failed objects undergo further rounds of pattern identification and cycling until the conversion is complete.  With each pattern capture, the migration speed accelerates until all the objects are successfully completed. Typically 70-95% of legacy code can be automated. 

As the pioneering and first conversion partner of BladeBridge, we have solved the unique challenges organizations experience when migrating their current footprints to the cloud.


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Replace your legacy EDW system for the cloud with our automated migration methodology. Using BladeBridge Converter, we are able to automate conversions of legacy environments like Netezza, Teradata, SQL Server, and Oracle. Bringing you quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective migrations.


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The data warehouse is the nexus point of data turning into information which the business can act on.  Much of the heavy lifting on how data elements tie together manifest themselves in a data warehouse.  Therefore moving a data warehouse to a new platform requires replication of the business logic which conforms the data, and this must often be expressed in the new database platform's code.  

Many "Big 4" consulting companies address this type of project by "throwing bodies at the problem."  That is NOT the correct approach to doing a migration, particularly as the complexity levels increase.  This is super obvious when it comes to migrating an MPP-based Data Warehouse.  These generally are vastly more complex and are not only leveraged for query speed but also speeding up the data conformity pipeline, in an ELT or Push Down Optimization feature.


The interpretation of the term "Data Lake" often varies from company to company, but if the Data Lake is serving its textbook purpose, it contains all the organization's data in one place.  This solves the locality problem of having data dispersed in multiple repositories.  

Additionally, it means that replicating a Data Lake is relatively straightforward, as there usually isn't a lot of business logic to which the data is conforming to. Thus the key events in migrating a data lake have to do with lifting and shifting the footprint, re-pointing source data by setting up streaming/replication pipelines, and resetting the target applications connections.  The difficulty lies in the size of the Data Lake, and the breadth of connections and targets.




When migrating your EDW or Data Lake to the cloud it's vitally important to also address the ETL pipelines so they can run natively in your new cloud environment. We are able to achieve a deeper level of conversion success with the use of BladeBridge Converter. Our experts can tune this tool so specifically to your environment to achieve an 80-95% automation conversion rate!  

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If you would like to review some examples of where Intricity has conducted migrations, we recommend you reach out to Intricity and talk with a specialist by filling out the form below.