Data Deduping (DDF)



Data Deduping Factory (DDF)

How many Joe Smiths do you have in your customer lists? Which ones are unique? Which ones are duplicates? This is easy if your company only using one data source. But in the real world, companies have many sources of data, each with their own duplicate customer profiles. Dealing with this issue can be a big burden. Intricity looked at the problem, and put it's data science experience to work. Instead of writing copious and unending rules, Intricity applied a Supervised Machine Learning solution. So the machine learning presents you a data set which you can indicate whether the records represent the same person (place or thing) or not. By going through these training sessions the machine learning designs a profile for sameness.

These profiles for sameness along with their associated rules are interfaced through a cloud web service which you can use for other processes.

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Deduping data

Are you challenged with multiple versions of the same customer lurking in your data sets? After mastering data with Intricity's Data Deduplication Factory some organizations find that they over-predicted their customer count by as much as 20%. Leveraging Intricity's DDF if a machine learning based Master Data Management solution which learns from your training regarding which records are duplicates and which records are not unique.

How does DDF relate to DFaaS?

Intricity's DDF can be part of a larger suite of capabilities in the cloud for managing data called DFaaS. With the broader DFaaS suite, Intricity provides the ability to onboard partner data through a validation process. This drives down countless hours of validating data submissions. DFaaS also works hand-in-hand with Intricity's Information Factory as a Service (IFaaS). Thereby, enabling a full stack capacity to validate onboarded data and master the uniqueness of that data then have that data be presented as a scalable data warehouse in the cloud with Dashboards and Analytics.

How much does it cost?

Intricity prices the DDF by the data volume. By filling out the form on this page we can help you determine the cost per month. Intricity offers discounts for multi-year subscriptions. We have found that the DDF usually costs a tenth what a manual validation process costs.