Onboarding from other organizations or groups can be challenging. Often this process is handled through Excel Spreadsheets or CSV files. And while those submitting data have your template, that template often goes ignored and invalid data ends up getting submitted. Intricity’s Data Governance addresses this challenge with its Data Validation capabilities

In addition to assisting with validation, the Data Governance as a Service (DGaaS) allows you to leverage machine learning to identify uniqueness in your records. Through training, Intricity’s mastering solution can learn how to correctly identify duplicates, and enable you to identify a golden record.

These rules along with their associated data corrections are interfaced through a web service that you can use to drive the exchange of data and ensure its uniqueness.



Intricity's DGaaS provides a host of data processing capabilities in the cloud which can be immediately used to integrate with other processes through RESTful Web Services. DGaaS can also work hand-in-hand with Intricity's Information Factory as a Service (IFaaS). Thereby, enabling a full stack capacity to validate onboarded data and master the uniqueness of that data then have that data be presented as a scalable data warehouse in the cloud with Dashboards and Analytics.




The validation service addresses the challenge of verifying that partner data meets the criteria that you are expecting before it gets onboarded into your organization. Our service allows you to generate rules which the service will leverage to check incoming data submissions. Should a submission not meet the criteria, the validation will inform the user what errors exist in the submission. Therefore, when data submissions are made they meet the data types and formats you have specified.



Customers, Suppliers, Partners, and Products. What do these things have in common? They're the data types that commonly have duplicates. Data from "System A" will contain the same customer as data from "System B", but with variations. Some might be slight variations like the name "Joe" and "Joseph", others can be very different but similar from field to field. To address the record uniqueness, Intricity has incorporated an assisted machine learning solution that allows an analyst to specify "sameness". This training enables machine learning to understand your data and determine future matches.





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Intricity prices the DGaaS by user and by source. We also have a count for API access if that is needed. There is a one time stand-up cost for new customers. By filling out the form on the left we can help you determine the cost per month. Intricity offers discounts for multi-year subscriptions. We have found that the DGaaS usually costs half what a traditional Validation and Mastering consulting engagement costs.