October 2021

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In Case you Missed it in September

ProTalk: Finding Sins in Table & Column Performance

Table and column performance is key to a healthy and cost-efficient data estate. How do you know what action to take?

Data Sharks #16: TH Herbert, CEO of Semarchy

The Sharks connect with the CEO of Semarchy, TH Herbert, and discuss the infancy stage of Semarchy and where the organization is today.

CICD ❤️  Data Management

Learn how CI/CD is impacting solution architectures, how teams are being structured to maximize adaptability, and more with SqlDBM and Intricity.

Leave Legacy ETL Behind

Learn how to size a conversion project, how code conversion tooling accelerates the process and how to get started, and more with Matillion.

Data Sharks #15: David Mariani, CTO of AtScale

The Sharks discuss who AtScale is, the startup years, and what problems AtScale solves with CTO and Founder, David Mariani.

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