Leave Legacy ETL Behind: Dispensing with Your Technical Debt
with Matillion

Matillion has shaken up the ETL/ELT market by providing an integration tool that gives you all the visual queues of workflow widgets, but with full processing push down. The agility of modern integration provided by Matillion has organizations seeking ways that they can replace outdated ETL deployments with Matillion.

Intricity has specialized in large-scale ETL conversions leveraging BladeBridge as the code conversion tooling. This specialization has positioned Intricity as a ready partner to facilitate complex code migrations. 

Join Jared Hillam, VP of Emerging Technologies at Intricity; Simon Eligulashvili, EVP and Co-Founder at BladeBridge; and Lisa Klapper, Partner Manager at Matillion, as they go through the steps for code conversion. 

In this session you will learn: 

  • How to size a conversion project
  • Steps to making a successful code conversion
  • How code conversion tooling accelerates the process
  • How to get started with your modernization
Simon Headshot Circle


Executive VP & Co-Founder of BladeBridge

Jared Round BW


Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Intricity

Lisa Clapper


Partner Manager at Matillion 

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