Video #1 in this Series

Our original video asks "How do you know if you have a Data Warehouse?"


For a supporting whitepaper about what a Data Warehouse is click here


Video #2 in this Series (Below)

In this follow up video we go over the steps for building out the framework of a Data Warehouse and what is required to successfully deploy it. Skipping these steps simply something that will result in frustration later on. So whether it's done up front or whether it is done as part of later efforts, you can't avoid the steps. Those that do avoid these steps end up with a division between their Executive Sponsors and the people executing processes. This is because the top down definition of the data has not been completed yet. This ends up with the executive management ends up not being able to determine what the "truth" is. Simply because the lower level process owners have to end up bubbling up the logic independently since the data is not conformed.