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Intricity Kickoff 2010 to be Held in Las Vegas



January 21, 2010


Intricity LLC, a leading provider of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services and solutions has announced that Intricity Kickoff 2010 will be held at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from January 20th-22nd. According to Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Troy Clemente, "Despite 2009 being a recession year and economically challenging for most in our industry, Intricity registered an impressive 47% growth in revenue. With more companies looking to increase their bottom lines and uncover new, profitable businesses within their existing clientele, we firmly believe the opportunity exists to improve on that considerably in the coming year. Exiting the current recession, 2010 will be a very strategic year for Intricity, and have invited all Intricity employees to attend this year's event to ensure a unified vision for success in 2010."
Troy Clemente can be reached at (212) 461-1100 x 5651 or

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