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10,000 Subscribers!



April 29, 2014


Intricity's Youtube channel passed the 10,000 subscriber mark, and it's at the cusp of generating its 2 millionth view. "Our channel doesn't hold a candle to cat videos", said Jared Hillam with a chuckle, "but for the topic of data management, it's the king of Youtube, and since every company in the world has data, we think there is a much bigger audience out there."

The channel provides simple explanations for complex data management topics. The creation of the channel came after meeting with business leaders that struggled with understanding the benefits of data management solutions. Since its launch the channel has been a source of clarification for Intricity's clients as well prospects. "Several of our customers got introduced to Intricity through our videos. We've even had CIOs stop us in the middle of introductory meetings and say, "Oh you're the Youtube guys!", and that's always great to hear. Also, we've had CIOs ask us to create custom videos for their organization. "These have been very effective as tools to generate an internal groundswell and influence board members to approve our proposed projects," said Jared.

If you would like to talk with Intricity about doing something similar for your organization, fill out a contact form to Talk with a Specialist.

To visit the Intricity 101 Youtube site site click here:


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