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Customer Lifetime Value

What if I could tell you how many times one of your customers would buy from you in the next 5 weeks? This is precisely what Intricity is able to do. We can score at a customer level, showing how many times they will shop with you. We can also score which customers are on the fence and would benefit the most from your outreach.

How would you use this data?

Just imagine being able to decide who you should send your campaign to. Or imagine knowing which customers your sales team should be calling. In marketing and sales we know that most of our investment goes to people that aren't even interested. Imagine turning that equation around!

What kind of data does Intricity need to get started?

At a bare minimum we need a Unique Customer ID and a Transaction Date. However, this really only scratches the surface. To get deeper insight we recommend providing the Transaction Amount, and some additional categories like Location, Customer Name, Product Category, and Customer Category.

How accurate is it?

The Intricity Customer Lifetime Value Model ranges over 90% accuracy. Additionally, its output is at a customer by customer level, not at a generic segment level, so you get fine grain control over your target audience.