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VP of Sales

Zoltan brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and intangibles to the technology industry. His journey began at IBM, where he kick-started his career and cultivated a strong foundation in the field. Zoltan has garnered valuable insights from his time at Snowflake, where he honed his skills and contributed meaningfully to the company's growth pre and post IPO.

Zoltan is distinguished for his unwavering commitment to customer success. He possesses an innate passion for problem-solving and goes above and beyond to help customers overcome their challenges. Zoltan's obsession with understanding customers' needs and providing tailored solutions has made him a trusted advisor in the industry. His curiosity has led to a lot of knowledge, which couples well with his exceptional interpersonal skills. In turn, this enables him to build strong relationships with clients, founded in trust and credibility gained from execution. With Zoltan, customers can rely on his dedication to navigate the complexities of the technology landscape and achieve their desired outcomes.



Tell us about yourself & your journey to Intricity.

After my NFL career ended, I stumbled into B2B tech sales through my mentor's recommendation. It changed my life. From IBM to AppDynamics, I eventually landed at Snowflake. Working alongside Intricity, I witnessed their unwavering customer care, expertise, and dedication. After all my customers couldn’t stop raving about how smart and good at executing Intricity was, they became my trusted partner. Intricity's impact on my career is immeasurable. They exemplify empathy, dedication, and excellence. I am proud to stand with them, ready to tackle new challenges, always putting customers first.


How would you describe yourself as someone in sales? 

I am driven by a relentless pursuit of problem-solving, particularly in relieving needless hardships and solving for business value. My unwavering commitment to doing what is right, has been a guiding principle throughout my life, and now career. I have even parted ways with a previous employer who attempted to compromise a customer's well-being. For me, consistency is key, as how we approach anything reflects our approach to everything.


What have you learned from your mentors? 

The algorithm that hard work pays off, especially if you refine it with smart work. As a caveat, we can never stop learning, as the moment we stop learning is the moment we start dying. 


What do you like to do to recharge? 

I have a really hard time shutting down, but keeping a decent routine of exercise going, getting a relatively proper amount of sleep, and spending time with my wife and three kids certainly helps. If I take a vacation, I’m usually on the go. I also love to listen to a good book or podcast to break up my thinking. 


Who inspires you?

While there are many inspirational people I’ve read about and even met, I’ll pick my parents here. They’ve taught me through example what it is to fight for your freedom and dreams. I was born in communist Romania and lived through a revolution where thousands of people died overthrowing the tyrannical Romanian dictator. If anyone’s interested, I have some stories. My parents then had to navigate an economy of hyperinflation and decided that it was time for our family to live a better life elsewhere. After attempting to emigrate to Germany for a handful of years, my dad played the US’ “green card lottery”, and out of twenty million families, we were one of the fifty-five thousand chosen to come to the US. My parents dropped everything, sold everything, and said goodbye to close friends and family, just for me to get a chance to live out the American dream. 


What is one rule you live by? 

Besides “hard work pays off”, I tend to navigate back to the rule that our lives are finite. The stoic philosophers had a saying in Latin, “memento mori”, which translates to “remember death”. The concept of thinking about our own death may be horrifying, yet it’s very motivating, because we realize we don’t have that much left. “Get off the couch and do something with your life” is the thought that usually hits me. Hopefully, what we do with our lives is something worthy and virtuous.