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Join us every month as our Snowflake experts parce through the world of Snowflake. Topic by topic, they will teach you how to maximize your Snowflake instance's potential.

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Jan 18  |  Learn about the new feature additions to Search Optimization, Sending Email Notifications, Tracking Notification History and Anonymous Procedures.           


Snowflake ProTalk: SQL REST API

Think of SQL REST API as the remote control for Snowflake, which allows you to monitor and interact with Snowflake remotely and more.             

Snowflake Pro Talk Practical Data Governance-remini-enhanced

Snowflake ProTalk: Practical Data Governance

Snowflake currently has many data governance solutions, however, this tempts companies to throw everything into those systems. Learn what to do!              

Snowflake Pro Talk Snowpark UDFs UDTFs

Snowflake ProTalk: Python for Snowpark UDFs & UDTFs

Learn how to work with Python UDFs and UDTFs. We will show you the power of creating custom functions that will open up a huge array of abilities.

Snowflake Pro Talk Snowpark Stored Proc for Python

Snowflake ProTalk: Snowpark Stored Procedures for Python

Using a Snowflake warehouse as the compute framework, you can build and run your data pipeline in Snowflake.                                                                

Candid Discussion on Snowflake Summit-1

Snowflake ProTalk: Snowflake Summit Discussion

Following Snowflake Summit, we discuss the new technologies announced and also what that will mean for future ProTalks this year.

Serverless Data Pipeline Part 2

Snowflake ProTalk: Serverless Data Pipelines - Part 2

We're continuing our coverage on Snowflake’s Serverless Data Pipelines. Learn how to build it and optimize price and performance.

Serverless Data Pipelines Part 1

Snowflake ProTalk: Serverless Data Pipelines - Part 1

Snowflake is releasing Serverless Pipelines which will enable far more price and performance optimization for loading data into Snowflake.

Advanced Snowflake Scripting

Snowflake ProTalk: Advanced Use of Snowflake Scripting

Discover more advanced uses of the new Snowflake Scripting. We show end-to-end automated solutions using Scripting, Tagging, and more.


Snowflake Pro Talk New Stored Procs BW

Snowflake ProTalk: Stored Procedures

Snowflake has native stored procedures! Learn how it differs from the JS Stored Procedures and understand blocks in Snowflake Scripting.


the new world of tagging BW

Snowflake ProTalk: The New World of Tagging

Snowflake has now given us a deeply meaningful structure around tagging that supports all the Snowflake objects. Come explore tagging and how to use them.


Complex Data Pipelines

Snowflake ProTalk: Complex Data Pipelines

Learn about challenges that occur with complex data pipelines and how to take alternative approaches which don’t bog down the Snowflake optimizer.

Snowflake Pro Talk Finding Sins-1

Snowflake ProTalk on Table & Column Performance

Table and column performance is key to a healthy and cost-efficient data estate. How do you know what action to take?

System Usage and Billing

Learn how to manage your Snowflake Budget

The limiting factor in any Snowflake environment is no longer hardware, it’s the organization's budget.

Future of ELT and ML Processing on Snowflake

Unleash the future of ELT & Machine Learning on Snowflake

Learn how to leverage Pyspark to access the power of Asynchronous queries in Snowflake. 

External Functions-1

Calling code executed outside of Snowflake? 

Learn how to set up the requisite services to execute the external relays to and from Snowflake. 

Sandboxes and Data Islands-1

Manufacturing is harder than prototypes... 

Enable the R&D data teams without impacting your critical manufacturing of data-into-information.


Location, Location, Location        

Learn how to optimize Snowflake's geospatial features to improve business processes.                                                                                                    

External and Internal Data Exchange-1

Call out question?

Snowflake has the unique ability to make data shareable without the hassle of tossing FTP files back and forth. Learn how External and Internal Data Exchanges behave in Snowflake.

Logging and Monitoring in Snowflake-1

Keep tabs on objects & compute

Organizations that don’t log and monitor Snowflake can end up with a rat's nest of objects and wasted compute. Learn what areas to watch and how to trace their symptoms.

Tuning Snowflake Dial it up to 11-1

Dial it up to 11

With the designed simplicity of Snowflake, how do you tune the data warehouse for optimal query performance? Learn the best practices and what to avoid.                                  

Using Snowflakes New Advanced Column Level Security-1

Security, Masking, Tokens... 

Learn how Snowflake's new capabilities around column-level security & other access control objects can facilitate native controls over data access.

Cross Cloud Replication-1

Cloud-Agnostic Replication

Snowflake provides regional and cloud-agnostic native replication in AWS, Azure, and GCP all with a consistent integrated experience!         

Stored Procedures in Snowflake-1

Maximize Stored Procedures                 

Snowflake’s stored procedures are different from what traditional databases provide. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish the same data manipulation tasks!              

Repurposing ETL-1

Replace or Reuse?                    

There’s a line to be drawn when deploying the next-generation architectures. Do you replace the entire architecture, or can some of your existing logic be reposed?

Streaming Data into Snowflake-1

Optimize Compute While Streaming

Snowflake is excellent for streaming data, but a little bit of expertise goes a long way to ensure that you don’t have runaway compute costs.

Micro partitions-1

Load and Optimize

Most people don’t give much thought when it comes to loading data into Snowflake. Only afterward do they realize the further optimizations that could have been obtained.                     

PII PCI PHI Sensitive Data-1

For the Most Sensitive Data! 

Snowflake is very capable of handling highly sensitive data, but that doesn't mean that you can get lazy on data architecture. Discover key points that are fundamental to getting it right...


SCIM & Identity Management

Integrating SCIM with Snowflake is something many organizations expect but what they end up with is conflicts with their existing Snowflake roles.

Configuring Access Controls-1

RBAC & ABAC Access Control Models

Learn about RBAC and ABAC Access Control Models and why Snowflake security structures are designed in such a different way.

Streams and Tasks-1

Data Transformation & Orchestration

Learn how to use Streams & Tasks as a mechanism for kicking off SQL transformations on data as well as what workarounds you might have to plan for.


One-Role-At-A-Time Dilemma?             

Frustrated with only being able to use one role at a time, while battling role inheritance & object grants? Let us introduce you to a whole new way to work with Snowflake's RBAC. 

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