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Jared Hillam

Jared Hillam

October 13, 2017


Intricity has developed a joint partnership with TransPro Consulting to develop a Transportation Industry analytics solution called transDASH. We recently released a video included here:

"Hi I’m Mark Aesch, CEO of TransPro Consulting.

We started TransPro almost 10 years ago to guide public sector agencies to higher levels of efficiency and performance.

Today, because we have worked with transit agencies across the nation… and the world … we know that one of the greatest challenges agencies of all sizes experience is a lack of alignment on outcomes.

You know … we watch football games every Sunday and watch 300-pound men hug… etc…

For transit agencies, we want to create that same kind of environment – where everyone is clearly aligned around success … so that the Board, the management team, the employees, and the customers all aligned on what success looks like.

We’re talking about Financial Success, Success for the Customer, and Success with operational performance.

Right now, there is no system available that pulls together industry data in a meaningful way to compare agency performance in key KPI areas.

Years ago – as a first step in peer comparison we created the American Bus Benchmarking Group. ABBG – as it is now called represents a dozen or so mid-sized agencies in the US, giving them the forum for comparison - yet they gather only once a year.

So there’s a void in meaningful KPI There is a definite need for

That’s why we are partnering with Intricity.

Our vision is to take your performance scorecard results – with those key KPIs – and funnel it into a digital dashboard so that you can see how your agency’s performance stacks up against your peers.

By partnering with Intricity, we have developed a powerful digital dashboard that will show you every quarter of the year how your agency is performing AS WELL AS how your performance results compare to your peers.

Comparing performance metrics helps us learn from one another – which ultimately makes the transit industry stronger."

Thanks Mark, Hi everybody this is Jared Hillam.

The Transportation Analytics Offering is set up like a data factory. The onboarded data from your data systems represents the “raw material.” The “finished goods” on the other hand, represent the dashboards and analytics. And the “work in progress” in between those two, is the conforming and integration of all that data so it's usable as information.

Once we conform the data your agency is provided with the fundamental building blocks of all your analytics on a database schema that is purpose built for delivering information. Additionally, the analytics platform is designed to make the available data columns easy to interpret and analyze.

While some customers just sit back and let the analytics roll in, we’ve designed it to be completely transparent to your Agency. So during development and production we provide you access to all the Git repositories which we check our work into. Ensuring you can audit and understand how the all the components work and operate.



If you’d like to read a white paper about this transportation offering click here and as always you can reach out to either Transpro or Intricity to talk



with the specialist.


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