with Intricity and HVR

Cloud data architectures are a cheaper, faster, more scalable method for accessing and streaming data. But how can you successfully adopt the cloud when all the data is living in a vast ecosystem of enterprise applications with varied latencies, network limitations, and complex network security protocols? In this webcast, Rich Hathaway from INTRICITY and HVR's Paul Spitaleri will discuss how to cross the chasm between the complexities you see today and the promise of a cloud data landscape. Rich will outline critical factors you should consider on your journey. Paul will present how HVR can address some of the complexities of streaming your data to the cloud despite the complexity.

In this session you will learn:

  • Common roadblocks to setting up streaming to the cloud
  • How large enterprise applications can get synchronized
  • Perspective on potential architectures
  • Configurability in HVR to address common roadblocks


Rich Hathaway


Senior Director, Data Architecture

Paul Spitaleri


Global Director, Sales Engineering

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