Snowflake ProTalk
Python for Snowpark UDFs & UDTFs


In this Snowflake ProTalk, we discuss working with Python UDFs and UDTFs. Rich Hathaway and Arkady Kleyner show you the power of creating custom functions that can be called in SQL which will open up a huge array of new abilities for data science, machine learning and data transformation processes to be incorporated into Snowflake.

In this session you will learn:

  • An overview of Python for Snowpark
  • What are Python UDFs and UDTFs
  • When to use a Python UDF
  • The advantages and limitations of Python UDFs
  • Working with DataFrames vs. SQL
  • Package movement and governance
  • And more! 

For additional information on this subject, check out this whitepaper.


Episode Highlights:

Rich Hathaway


As Enterprise Data Solutions Architect at INTRICITY, Rich has deployed Snowflake in several dozen Fortune 500 accounts and designs and delivers orchestration, modeling, security and strategy to enable elastic cloud data warehousing.

Jared Round BW


Jared acts as our Vice President of Emerging Technologies and is the host of our Snowflake ProTalk webinar series. Listed as one of the “Top Marketing Operations Leaders You Should Know” and is the author and creator of our INTRICITY101 video series.

Arkady circle


As Executive VP and Co-Founder of INTRICITY, Arkady has over 30 years of experience in engineering, architecting, developing and deploying the most intricate enterprise business solutions in America and Europe. 

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