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Leading News Agencies Look to Intricity's Arkady Kleyner for Recession Strategies



January 14, 2009


The stakes have never been higher when it comes to making the right decision for your business.
For some the current economy has been an opportunity for strategic growth, while for many others it has meant selective and harsh cuts to budgets and staffing. In the current economic state, correct decisions often involve significant pain, while the wrong decisions will cause many to close their doors.
Recently Arkady Kleyner, the Co-Founder of Intricity, LLC has been cited at several news agencies including, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal/MarketWatch, CBS New York, Yahoo Finance, and 6 ABC - Philadelphia. Kleyner speaks up on how organizations get the answers that will lead them through the tough decisions that lie ahead.
"It's not easy", says Kleyner. "The economic climate has resulted in many serious challenges that affect people on a personal and emotional level. The good news is that business decisions don't need to be lead by emotion or 'gut-feel' when companies have the wealth of answers that are locked deep within their own corporate data."

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