When deciding on how to reform a process so that it doesn’t result in a dead end, it takes some planning to ensure the quick wins create reusability.

Intricity’s team has lived in the Process Integration space for over last 30 years. This wealth of knowledge has allowed us to see how different deployments play out over the long run. Often what looks really appealing in the short term becomes a complete waste of the organization's efforts, as the platform decisions cannot scale to your requirements, governance, and growth. To help our customer Intricity has developed a short engagement which is designed to outline process wins and a roadmap which will keep the organization from painting itself into a corner.


How does the Strategic Roadmap get implemented?

strategic illustration

The Strategic Roadmap is a three week engagement which is comprised of a series of facilitated interviews with your business and technical stakeholders. From these interviews Intricity produces a strategic illustration of your future process landscape which contains the core components which will ensure that the process and its logic are retained in the most future viable state available, while servicing the short-term needs of the organization. strategic roadmapAdditionally, this future state diagram also translates into a strategic roadmap which defines the steps your organization must move through to achieve its completion. The Intricity team is comprised of 3 members, the Solution Architect, the Low-Code Architect, and the Technical Business Analyst.



For a detailed walk through of the engagement please schedule a call with an Intricity Specialist, see details below.


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