Generate a Video to Drive Out a Strategic Message

Intricity is a trusted Data Management partner to many Fortune 500 organizations across the globe. Intricity’s Custom Video offering helps our customers gain the awareness and support that they need to successfully fund their projects. Intricity Custom VideoAdditionally, Intricity helps set the right perspective on how to see the problem and its associated solution. This service can be leveraged in any phase of a project, whether it be Pre-Phase, In-Phase, or Post-Phase in nature. For example, Intricity can offer this add-on as a post deliverable from a Strategic Roadmap engagement after findings have been documented.


Video Development Framework

  1. Intricity begins Cloud Assessments using a Top Down/ Bottom Up method. Top Down represents an understanding of what the Business Stakeholder Challenges and Goals which need to be communicated. Bottom Up represents an analysis of the Technical Problems and Goals that need to be communicated. The information gathered through this method allows for the Intricity team to accurately assess the best way to communicate a suggested approach.
  2. Next Intricity produces a Problem/Solution draft script which can be used to iterate the messaging for maximum impact within the organization. In its messaging Intricity brings a wealth of knowledge in the Data Management space, which ensures the right perspectives are being communicated early.
  3. With an agreed script in place, Intricity will begin to insert animation queues into that script. This can be used to provide vision into the animation plans. Once the animation plans are agreed to, Intricity will begin the audio recording and animation process.
  4. Intricity releases snippets of animation to you during the animation process so you can gain a vision into the end result and provide inputs.


Video Deliverables & Pricing

Through these best practices, Intricity is able to deliver a quality video which will help you communicate your corporate challenges and goals. Intricity has seen multiple success cases of projects getting their funding through this viral approach. The following represent the deliverables of the engagement:


Price Options (4 min video)

Your Branding


Intricity’s Branding





  • MP4 video of the final recording
  • MP3 of the Audio
  • Written Script of the Video