Intricity uses a methodology that has earned it awards from multiple vendors and associations for helping its customers adopt new technology. This Co-Development methodology helps organizations take on the new capabilities offered by their technology investments. By pairing you with a highly experienced architect that leads a team of developers, Intricity is able to make new techniques simple to manage. The cadence of events is usually a 1-3 hour meeting every other day via offsite Zoom Meetings. This method provides access to very strong architects but its also very cost efficient as the hours don’t get eaten up so quickly. These architects are US based, hands-on experts. The cadence of each meeting follows a review, share, and assign approach as indicated below:


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“The secret sauce to ramping up team members is in the ability to learn from failure.“ -Glenn Hillam




First Review

Upon first introduction Intricity will ask probing questions about the current data landscape, and validate the desired business and technical outcomes. The line of questions is tailored on-the-fly (based on experience) to get at the root of the most relevant next step in the process. Additionally, Intricity validates who the project team members inside the client’s organization.


Subsequent Reviews

Follow on reviews focus on the assignments made from the last call. These assignments are made both to the client as well as to internal Intricity team members. Challenges and roadblocks are encouraged to surface, to create the foundation for effective mentorship. The surfacing of challenges and progress lead to the next step in the cycle.



As challenges are surfaced the Intricity team shares solutions, code snippets, best practices, as well as next steps in the journey. This allows team members to get both tactical and strategic perspectives for how to solve problems. Along with these assets Intricity will identify the justification for why these assets are salient for the existing landscape. Often the Share step involves team members solving issues in real time during the Zoom meeting.



With the tactical work defined, the Intricity/Customer team leaders create assignments. Who receives the work assignment is largely dependent on the customer team involved. Generally, customers have one or two lead technical resources that act as the collaboration point. Every internal Intricity CoDev team is comprised of a Solution Architect and a Sr. Development Expert so tasks can be spread across the most cost efficient resources. Thus Intricity collaborates with the customer to create assignments during the meeting to individuals.

Team members make development commitments that usually span to the next meeting which usually is 2-3 days later or until the team members schedule their next CoDev session.


Burndown Billing


The fluidity of an Intricity CoDev engagement provides maximum flexibility for customers and Intricity. This enables Intricity to assign senior resources without dedicating them to a single project, allowing customers to acquire the knowledge to ultimately take ownership of their solution. Thus Intricity’s typical approach to billing a CoDev engagement is to agree on a total dollar amount which will be used as a stopping point. The “burndown” of the agreed dollar amount is for both the Solution Architect as well as the Sr. Development Expert enabling for fluid activity on an as needed basis between both resources. The billing of used hours will be conducted on a weekly basis. The agreed dollar amount does not bind the customer to using all the dollars, rather it is a not to exceed goal post indicating additional dollars must be allocated to continue.

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