Migrating to Modern Development Practices with ELT
with Intricity, Fivetran & BladeBridge


Legacy ETL tools tightly coupled their user interfaces to the transformation steps for moving data. This made ETL very difficult to manage in use cases where organizations were modernizing their development practices. So how can you convert these rigid environments into agile code that can be managed in a CICD development environment using DBT and Fivetran?

Join Fivetran, BladeBridge, and Intricity as they demonstrate how legacy ETL tools can be transformed into ready DBT or SQL code, and run natively on Snowflake. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Fivetran fits in a modern CICD framework
  • How to accelerate a complex cloud migration project while mitigating risk
  • How to appropriately plan for an ETL/ELT conversion
  • How to automate the conversion process and troubleshoot difficult legacy code
  • How the BladeBridge Converter can relieve developers of full manual effort
  • A live demonstration of a code conversion from legacy ETL to DBT to SnowSQL
Kelley Parker Fivetran Circle


Director, Sales Engineering


Jared Round BW


Vice President of Emerging Technologies


Simon Headshot Circle


Executive VP and Co-Founder


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