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September 1, 2020

9 Sept 2020

We are back at it with three new webinars. This time we've included two of our trusted partners: BladeBridge and Looker.

If you're looking to improve your user experience on Snowflake, considering an ETL/ELT conversion, or want to enhance your enterprise analytics then these webinars are for you!

Snowflake ProTalk: Snowflake Data Exchange and Multi-Tenancy Data

Snowflake has the unique ability to make data shareable without the hassle of tossing FTP files back and forth. This convenience makes for a very elegant method of providing data to both internal and external customers. However, this begs the question, how do you isolate and secure your data for sharing?

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DataStage to Talend Conversion with BladeBridge

In its day, DataStage was a powerhouse. However, the market is evolved into platforms that provide a broader embrace of cloud ecosystems. Intricity has conducted many migrations and one such migration is the conversion of DataStage to Talend. Join us as we take a deeper dive into the BladeBridge Converter tool, which automates 70-95% of the legacy code and magnifies developers’ efforts with flexible coding patterns.

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Goldilocks Guide to Enterprise Analytics with Looker

There are several features to consider when choosing an enterprise analytics solution. Too often, organizations are drawn toward the platform with the most attractive demo only to find that the solution is lacking in key technical aspects. On this webinar, we will discuss the full “Goldilocks” spectrum of BI tools that your organization might be choosing from.

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