Snowflake ProTalk
Visual Studio Code Extension Demystified

Join our enlightening Snowflake ProTalk where we demystify the use of the Snowflake Extension for Visual Studio Code. Transform the way you interact with your data through VS Code, a modern and powerful code editor. From installation and account setup to managing query results and stages, we've got it all covered in this webinar. 

The Snowflake Extension for Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool that lets you write and execute Snowflake SQL statements directly within VS Code, enhancing productivity and streamlining your workflow. The extension also offers a detailed view of database objects, provides easy access to query results, and maintains a history of your SQL commands.

Equip yourself with the skills to transform your data operations with Visual Studio Code!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn: 

  1. Installation of the Extension
  2. Account Setup
  3. SnowSQL Configuration
  4. Navigating the Interface
  5. Working with SQL Files & Integrating GitHub
  6. Query History Usage
  7. Manipulating Query Results
  8. Session Context Changes
  9. Navigating Database Explorer
  10. Working with Stages

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Rich BW


As Enterprise Data Solutions Architect at INTRICITY, Rich has deployed Snowflake in several dozen Fortune 500 accounts and designs and delivers orchestration, modeling, security and strategy to enable elastic cloud data warehousing.

Jonas BW


Jonas is a forward-thinking data architect with 15 years of experience. He specializes in Looker, Snowflake, NoSQL, Python, and AWS, and is passionate about driving future state architectures. 

Jared BW


Jared acts as our Vice President of Emerging Technologies and is the host of our Snowflake ProTalk webinar series. Listed as one of the “Top Marketing Operations Leaders You Should Know” and is the author and creator of our INTRICITY101 video series.

Arkady BW


As Executive VP and Co-Founder of INTRICITY, Arkady has over 30 years of experience in engineering, architecting, developing and deploying the most intricate enterprise business solutions in America and Europe. 

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