Databricks Migration Journey
Webinar Series

Migrate your ETL pipelines to Databricks and scale without limit with BladeBridge

BladeBridge and Databricks have partnered to produce an automated conversion path of all your legacy code into the Databricks path. This configurable path allows organizations to flexibly convert legacy ETL, Database, and other logic into the Databricks platform. The configuration during a conversion is done in partnership with expert System Integrators like Intricity. The team at Intricity has been conducting complex metadata and code conversions with BladeBridge for years.

In this session Databricks, BladeBridge, and Intricity will jointly present both the tooling and practices for rolling out a successful conversion of metadata and code to Databricks.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why Databricks makes a powerful target architecture for your ETL and Database code
  • How to set up your project team for a conversion to Databricks
  • How BladeBridge's configuration based approach to conversion works
  • Where to start your code conversion project
Jared Round BW


Vice President of Emerging Technologies


Rich Hathaway


Sr Director, Data Architecture


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