Keep your baby, not the bathwater

Over the past decade, there has been an emerging industry called Data Warehouse Automation. This is an industry that has sought to automate the process of building data ingestion frameworks. Every vendor in this space had slightly different approaches to this solution, but they all took the approach of operating within their own proprietary runtimes. This meant that in order to use a Data Warehousing Automation solution you had to add and maintain yet another runtime to your production environment. BladeBridge, however, took a different approach.

In 2007 BladeBridge created a tool named Studio which provides the benefits of Data Warehouse Automation, without generating proprietary runtime code. Instead, it generates code for the runtime of your choosing. The reach of BladeBridge Studio stretches well beyond the confines of Data Warehousing projects and is used by its customers to conduct a wide variety of data project types.

Today, Studio is used to generate modern code in a variety of modern runtime platforms, but it also supports many legacy code environments.

Join Simon Eligulashvili and Jared Hillam for a tour of BladeBridge Studio and how it can completely change the flexibility of your runtime environments.

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