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About Customer

[Financial Services Client] provides loan servicing and asset management solutions for their clients. [Financial Services Client] is now one of the largest privately-held providers of end-to-end outsourcing support services for both credit card and installment loan products in North America.



[Financial Services Client] needed a full lifecycle data ingestion and integration pipeline that could service all their business lines. The lack of information was frustrating to the Business Stakeholders. Any linked information across subjects was instantly difficult to come by because data lived in so many silos. Additionally, the existing infrastructure to deliver this information was costly, antiquating, and required a time investment from valuable team members to maintain. To fix this situation, [Financial Services Client] began evaluating scalable solutions. The breadth of the solutions reach would cross all the organization's domains, thus it required a solid end-to-end framework. Early on, Snowflake introduced Intricity to guide architectural discussions about the desired future state.

Full executive sponsorship was required at the highest levels in the financial institution, which ultimately went to the board of directors for approval. With a close partnership between Intricity’s Executives, the [Financial Services Client] CEO acted as the champion taking on the skepticism of the Board of Directors for adopting Snowflake at such an early stage. Years later as Snowflake went public, the CEO’s bold stance was shown to be visionary.


Navigating Constraints

  1. The organization had 20 years of historical data iterated through many organizational changes. 
  2. Data was very siloed with multiple ownership parties
  3. The business was hungry for information, with multiple parties seeking their rollout of data
  4. Over 25 large operational sources of information


Win 1: Centralized Single Version of the Truth

Intricity and [Financial Services Client] created a partnership to define the future state architecture which would generate a single curated data source for delivering information to the organization. The joint teams designed data domains and their rollout timing which the rest of the organization could get behind. The establishment of these subject matters encapsulated the 20 years of historical data into a conformed Data Warehouse. Users with credentials could cross-examine the various business domains.


Win 2: High-Efficiency Queries

The joint [Financial Services Client]/Intricity teams developed naming conventions and methodologies that maximized the performance of Snowflake's queries. Using these best practices, the [Financial Services Client] was able to deliver their end-user requirements under the budgeted compute requirements. 


Win 3: Maintenance Free Environment

[Financial Services Client] board members and others had skepticism that Snowflake could deliver the query performance and truly meet the "maintenance free" promise. Not only did Snowflake deliver on the maintenance freedom, but also [Financial Services Client] and Intricity were able to automate many of the scaling policies to control compute consumption.


Win 4: Dynamic Obfuscation

Through tokenization in the cloud, Intricity and [Financial Services Client] were able to control the obfuscation of the data to govern its usage amongst team members. This system was connected to existing entitlement solutions to dynamically assign content to users and groups. 


Win 5: Proof of Market Presence

The success of the project's deployment was only emphasized when the IPO became the largest software offering in history, further establishing the leadership of the CEO with the Board of Directors.