Data Management Health Checks




Data Management Health Checks

Data Management involves a lot of complexity, and sometimes it becomes difficult to see the forest from the trees. This is especially true when it comes to addressing tactical improvements to ETL processes. Intricity has enhanced its Data Management HealthCheck with an Analytical Accelerator. This Accelerator provides a powerful view of your Informatica ETL landscape allowing us to find bottlenecks and trace the source of challenges in your deployment.

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What is the output?

Prior to the HealthCheck, Intricity installs the Accelerator, which gathers statistics from your Informatica deployment and crunches it in the cloud. We then use this valuable information to help you prioritize the tactical and then strategic recommendations to your landscape.

Intricity's HealthCheck Analytics for ETL provide deep access to the Data Transformation Logs so we can make strategic recommendations. These recommendations are then  compiled by us into an Executive Summary that you can use to plan your weekly tactical tasks and your long range landscape adjustments. In addition to the Executive Summary you get access to the rich Diagnostic Dashboard which Intricity leveraged to develop the Executive Summary. If you would like continued access to this rich dashboard, we can provide it to you on an ongoing basis as a SSAS offering.

What is the timeline?

The Intricity Health Check engagement with the Diagnostic Analytics is a 3 week focused engagement. The output is both a tactical and strategic timeline of projects that your organizations management can get behind.

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Sign up to review the Intricity Diagnostic Health Check Analytics engagement with an Intricity specialist. We will go through step by step of how the engagement is delivered and deployed. Upon request we can provide a sample of the documentation and assessment work.