Upcoming Webinar – Snowflake Pro Talks: SCIM and Identity Management


"Integrating SCIM with Snowflake is something many organizations expect but what they end up with is conflicts with their existing Snowflake roles." – Glenn Hillam

In our continued series, Glenn Hillam and Rich Hathaway will conduct a deep dive about SCIM and Identity Management. Both Hillam and Hathaway have conducted over 100 deployments in Snowflake and know the ins and outs to optimizing Snowflake. Join us on Feb 25, 2020 at 04:00 PM ET. Register here.

In this detailed session you will learn:

- How to implement Federated Single Sign on with SCIM for an end to end automated identity management solution.

- We will cover examples for Okta, Azure Active Directory, or in a Custom approach

- How to queue up what you need to work with the teams that manage those systems

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