Upcoming Snowflake ProTalk: Micro-Partitions & Loading Really Large Data Sets


Join us for our upcoming Snowflake ProTalk webinar on April 30th, 2020, where we will cover micro-partitions and loading really large data sets.

“Most people don’t give much thought when it comes to loading data into Snowflake. Only afterwards do they realize the further optimizations that could have been obtained.” - Glenn Hillam

In this Snowflake ProTalk session, Glenn Hillam will outline what the Micro-partitions architecture is in Snowflake, and how to optimize its capabilities. This especially is important as we begin to load super large data sets. Even in small implementations, the understanding loading Snowflake can set the deployment up to take full advantage of Snowflake’s abilities to quickly process data.

In this session you will learn:
-   What a Micro-partitions is
-   How Snowflake leverages Micro-partitions to optimize query speeds
-   Effectively filling the Micro-partition
-   Sequencing of data to optimize the Micro-partitions

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