New White Paper: What is Data Hoarding?

From our VP of Emerging Technologies Jared Hillam: I’m writing this white paper in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown. Like many of you, I’ve made several attempts to buy toilet paper to no avail. Meanwhile, my friends have posted pictures of people forming a line (at 7:30 AM) wrapping around our local big-box retailer to get their hands on some. Who would have thought a humble roll of toilet paper would hold the public's attention like this...

With this situation in the background, I was listening in on a call with one of our Data Architects. The client was describing the frustration they had gathering requirements from their end users. Every time the question was asked, “What data do you need?”, the immediate answer was, “Give me all of it.” The concern that data consumers have is not without real-world pain and experiences. Often when an organization has an over-the-wall relationship between IT and Business, we see data hoarding. From IT’s view, the business users don’t understand how to make the data landscape scale, and from the end user’s perspective, IT doesn’t know what the data means. Both parties are right!

The downstream impacts are tribal behavior, where the end-users see IT as a barrier to getting what they want. So whenever end users are asked, “What do you need”? The following statement goes through their head. “If I tell them exactly what analysis I need to do, they’ll take so long trying to build something that by the time they’re done I’ll have moved on to another need.” So the request is made by the end users “Just give me everything”, which drives the data hoarding psychology.

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