Goldilocks guide to Enterprise Analytics

We all remember the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Through the process of elimination Goldilocks eventually finds an option that is “just right.” When it comes to Enterprise Software, companies have to go through the same bad experiences, but they often don’t find an option that is “just right.” Unfortunately for most organizations, it's too difficult (and too expensive) to fully go through this process of elimination. Not that organizations don't try, there are demos, POCs, RFPs, and pilot programs. However, none of these attempts allow companies to see the end result over an extended period of time. So especially in the analytics space, we end up finding that the sexiest and most interactive user interface wins the prize, only to find out later that there are major technical holes which keep it from being adopted company wide or for big datasets.

For Intricity (the consulting company I work for) we get to experience the full Goldilocks process of elimination by being introduced to new organizations on a consistent basis. This opportunity provides us a unique view into the shortcomings of certain approaches for turning data into information. In this white paper, we’ll share a couple things Goldilocks would have noticed about the Enterprise Analytics solutions that are “Too Hot”, “Too Cold” and “Just Right.” Let's go with the assumption that our goal is to support the broadest possible audience in an organization.

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