Simplifying Complexity

The Challenge – Business Growth Leads To System Complexity And Disparate Data
A natural byproduct of growth in most businesses whether large or small is systems complexity. In a constant effort to cater to the needs of individual lines of business, or departments, new systems are added to capture and manage the right information in just the right way. As infrastructure scales to meet the needs of a growing organization, the result is often multiple front end touch points tailored to specific end user needs, as well as many disparate data sources on the back end.
Correlating and presenting global corporate information is no simple task when data is stored in different databases with non-conforming schema’s, data types, and standards. The systems that were implemented to optimize departmental, or line of business efficiency now make the task of getting a global view of organizational performance a seemingly impossible challenge.

The Solution – Effective Data Integration And Business Intelligence
Intricity delivers a 360° view of business performance by bringing disparate data together, correlating it logically, and then presenting it in a way that intuitively draws the eye to areas that require attention.

Intricity Is Different
We believe in incremental success with short term deliverables that show measurable value in as little as 30, 60, or 90 days.
Our experts are some of the most sought after in their field having authored the most definitive, and widely accepted methodology in Data Warehousing.
We finish projects on time and on budget
We are truly customer-centric in our approach, and can intelligently advise our clients across all major platforms and even some obscure ones