Turning Data into Information


The process of turning data into information can be compared to a factory. You have raw materials in the form of data, work in progress in the form of integration and cleansing, then finished goods in the form of dashboards and analytics. Expecting someone to do this as a side job, just means they won’t have time for their real job. But there is a huge need inside corporate departments to get at this data. So, groups like marketing departments often fall prey to snazzy looking analytic tools, only to find out they’re still in the data integration hamster wheel because those front ends are just lipstick on the “pig” of unconfirmed data.

On the other hand, there are BI vendors offering preconformed data connectors as part of a packaged offering. But this just creates the ultimate vendor lock. Because you can’t use any other data visualization tools than the one provided by that specific BI vendor.

So, for a marketing organization that is wanting to scale their analytics and draw from conformed data attributes, they’re left with adopting a full IT team of ETL, database, and BI experts. Not only is this intimidating, but it’s also incredibly expensive.

Intricity has been milling on this problem over the last 4 years. And it’s only been within the last 2 years that the cloud landscape has even made our vision a possibility. Our vision was to take the components of a best of breed data to information factory, and make them available in a subscription model. By using this subscription model, organizations like marketing departments could get a full-scale data to information factory, complete with connectors, transformation logic, conformed dimensions, dashboards, and analytics under a single roof. But at the same time, making this entire structure completely transferable, so if you wanted to take ownership of it you could. Additionally, making the conformed data externally connectable, so if you wanted to visualize integrated data outside of the provided BI layer, you could.

At Intricity this is what we call the Information Factory as a Service or IFaaS. It’s a solution that is completely cloud based, and uses the best practices at each stage in the data to information factory. So without requiring you to spin up a large team of internal technical specialists and project resources, Intricity can deliver the data to information factory as a service. If at the end of the term you want to take ownership, the process is logistically simple, because all the components of the factory live in the cloud.

We price IFaaS in two ways. By user and by source, and there are discounts based on how long you decide to subscribe. And of course, we still offer traditional consulting as well, but we found that IFaaS is an excellent option for organizations that are looking to simplify the data complexity in their departments.

We have a calculator we can use to quote your environment with, and compare it to the traditional consulting method. To fill out your environment details and receive an estimate, click here.

And as always you can reach out to us and talk with a specialist at any time.