What’s the difference between Master Data Management and Metadata Management?

A few weeks ago a gentleman named Neeraj reached out to us to request a video about the differences between Metadata Management and Master Data Management. I think that’s a great topic so let’s set up a split screen with Master Data Management or MDM on the left and Metadata Management or MM on the right.

Let’s imagine we have a single record from a CRM. A Master Data Management system is focused on scoring the accuracy of the record itself, based on a number of external inputs. These would be things like how old the record is, whether it’s source is traditionally reliable, whether there is another system that has the same record, and whether the record meets other configurable rules the business has defined. The MDM system stores the most accurate version of this record in a database that is designed to isolate all the unique master records, with no duplicates. This ensures that the critical records the organization relies on don’t suffer from a dilution as more data sources are added. So MDM is focused on the written records themselves and maintaining their uniqueness and integrity.

Now if we move our CRM record over to Metadata Management, the focus turns to creating information about the data. For example, What the data type is, where the data was sourced from, how that data is interpreted by business users, what reports use that data, how often that data is queried, etc etc etc. So Metadata Management is all about developing both technical and business descriptors for the data. Some of this happens automatically with certain Metadata Management and Data Cataloging tools, but it often requires additional input from business users.

You’ll notice that much of the information that I need to successfully define what a unique record is requires a great deal of metadata. So in many ways, the simplicity of an MDM deployment is contingent on the richness of the Metadata available. But while the two are often used in tandem as part of a data governance program they typically come as separate product SKUs.

The approach to data governance over the last few years has been impacted based on a variety of market inputs, of which MDM and MM are a part of. I talked about these inputs in a video and whitepaper titled “Data and the Balance of Power” and I’ll link both in the video description. 

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