Case Study: Full Blown Data Warehouse Using Snowflake Streams & Tasks

As one of the world’s top cruise lines, the Client is a household name. Their world class ships sail around the world and service multiple market segments from exclusive luxury cruising brands to large scale ships offering entertainment options.


The cruise industry faces a difficult set of unique challenges due to the remote nature of how data is ultimately acquired off ships. This requires satellite connections that continuously stream data. The timing of data is critical as the ships have a limited upload window so customer’s bandwidth is not interrupted. Not only do ships produce data remotely, they also cross time zones on a frequent basis, which adds a complex paradigm for onboard events.

The Client had developed a data-to-information backbone which leveraged the Microsoft stack of on-premise products. At the time, this was a modern architecture which dealt with some of their complex data onboarding requirements. However, over time the solution began to show the typical Microsoft SQL Server deployment shortcomings. Multiple platforms over time had been experimented with and even purchased including SAP HANA’s in-memory appliances. HANA turned out to be far too expensive to scale to the Client’s needs. The Client attended a workshop hosted by INTRICITY which outlined the power of Snowflake. With further exploration, the Client’s team knew they found a solution that would scale with cost efficiency and provide massive performance improvements.

Though the Client had a pre-existing relationship with a local service provider that had some Snowflake experience, they could see that their needs for expertise were surpassing the resources available. Snowflake recommended a meeting with INTRICITY to further explore a fit and the Client was aware of some of the local deployment success stories. The immediate need was the ability to get deep into the definition of a reference architecture which the Client could get behind. Once this future plan was defined, they wanted INTRICITY to execute on the plan.

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