Business Intelligence

Data becomes information when it reveals trends, anomalies and opportunities. Intricity is a nationally recognized leader in creating analytical and reporting environments that allow business users the ability to interact with the data to analyze performance, gain new insights and make decisions. Our expertise spans all industry leading business intelligence tools, and we are well-versed with numerous data mining methods for supporting static and dynamic reports, structured and ad hoc queries and complex multi-dimensional analytics.
Intricity works with clients to design and develop analytical environments and interactive reporting metaphors (portals, reports, dashboards and scorecards) that simplify data access and information presentation in ways that allow non-technical users the ability and flexibility to perform analysis and gain new insights.

Our fully featured solutions deliver critical decision information that supports the needs of all functional business areas and business analysts, managers and executives.



Why invest in Business Intelligence (BI)? Probably a better way of approaching that question is how much is your average decision worth? If you are a leader in a multi-million dollar company, each decision you make could represent well over $100,000! So investing in Business Intelligence is really Deciding to Make Better Decisions. Surprisingly, your corporate data does not naturally present itself in ways that can help your business make decisions. Rather, data is originated to service the inner workings of your applications processes. This means that your raw data needs to be transformed into meaningful information. So while you may be Data-Rich you can also be Information-Poor. The side effects of this are gut feel decisions and frustration when big decisions have to be made on guess work.


The judgment of all your data management work will be conducted in your Business Intelligence layer. After all, what good is all that back end work if the data never is used to make decisions or drive organizational behavior? Hence, the implementation of this critical layer is not a point that should be taken lightly. Plenty of multi-million dollar Data Management efforts have been left unutilized by the organization simply because of a failed Business Intelligence deployment.

Intricity can help you scale your business intelligence content delivery by instilling best practices in Business Intelligence Metadata. By getting started on the right foot you will be able to scale your BI delivery to self service and operational capabilities. Additionally, you will be able to use the same backbone to deliver Dashboards and other Analytics.