CICD ♥ Data Management
with SqlDBM

Data Management and CICD used to sit as two separate camps. The world of batch data movement just couldn’t seem to get along with the world of continuous code updates that dealt with tiny singular transactions. The innovations of on-demand compute and unlimited storage changed the landscape. Suddenly data management deployments were free to push the boundaries of development cycles.

Today the CICD has permeated the entire pipeline and architecture.

Rich Hathaway from Intricity and Ajay Singh from SQLDBM identify innovations in the modern CICD based Data Management architecture that are changing the data to information lifecycle.

In this session you will learn:

  • How CICD is impacting solution architectures
  • How teams are being structured to maximize adaptability
  • How agility of code repositories work with data modeling


Rich Hathaway


Enterprise Data Solutions Architect at Intricity

Ajay Singh SQLdbm C


Project Manager at SqlDBM

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