Intricity Awarded Snowflake Retail & CPG Competency Badge for Accelerating Innovation in the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud

Intricity provides seamless data share ecosystems in near real-time for joint customers


Snowflake Acceleration Innovation Badge - Retail & CPG


NEW YORK CITY, June 14, 2022 — Intricity today announced that it has been awarded the Snowflake Retail & CPG Competency badge for its Retail & CPG work in the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud. Intricity is extending the depth of its range of new enterprise-scale systems, unlocking new ways to transform the industry and accelerate data-driven outcomes for customers. 

Intricity and Snowflake seamlessly share data across the ecosystem of retail companies in near real-time to mobilize the world's data with the Snowflake Data Cloud, helping joint customers improve their own customer experiences and membership records, demand forecasts and trends. Within the retail industry, Intricity works with joint customers to enhance the Snowflake environment without compromising efficiency or budget. Customers have transformed through new enterprise-scale systems and identity management with future growth in mind. 

The Snowflake Partner Network Competency Program, unveiled at Snowflake Summit 2022, validates Snowflake partners for the depth of their Snowflake expertise and commitment to driving customer impact across the Data Cloud ecosystem. Intricity is changing the way data is used within the retail industry for optimized decision-making and business strategy for its clients. 

With Intricity and Snowflake, joint customers can experience improved near real-time data regarding their customers, demand forecast, and supply chain operations without overspending. For example, Girl Scouts of America worked with Intricity to solve the issue of 10s of million records for members, volunteers, and alumni without overspending. 

"Intricity worked closely with our team to help us strengthen our relationship with our scouts and leaders. They did this by leveraging our Snowflake Instance to compute identity resolution on duplicate records," said Jerry Kohn, Director of Girls Scouts of America. 

"Intricity is incredibly proud to partner with an organization that enables young girls and young women to become more courageous and confident. Identity resolution, Powered by Snowflake, has truly simplified complexity within the Girl Scouts member and marketing organization to have a single view of customers," said Arkady Kleyner, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Intricity.

"Snowflake and Intricity's partnership has been reimagining what's possible with data, moving toward the shared goal of helping joint customers govern and share data seamlessly to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize supply chains, and make data-driven merchandising decisions," said Rosemary Hua, Global Retail and CPG Industry GTM lead, Snowflake. "Intricity's Retail and CPG competency badge is a testament to their dedication in mobilizing the world's data to better serve their customers."

As SI partners, Intricity works with companies from a variety of industries, including retail, to implement data strategy, cloud migration, and digital transformation solutions.

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As Enterprise Data Solutions Architect at INTRICITY, Rich has deployed Snowflake in several dozen Fortune 500 accounts and designs and delivers orchestration, modeling, security and strategy to enable elastic cloud data warehousing.

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Jared acts as our Vice President of Emerging Technologies and is the host of our Snowflake ProTalk webinar series. Listed as one of the “Top Marketing Operations Leaders You Should Know” and is the author and creator of our INTRICITY101 video series.

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As Executive VP and Co-Founder of INTRICITY, Arkady has over 30 years of experience in engineering, architecting, developing and deploying the most intricate enterprise business solutions in America and Europe.