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Intricity 2009 Sales Kickoff to be held in San Francisco



February 5, 2009


Intricity, LLC, a premier global provider of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse services, will hold Sales Kickoff 2009 in San Francisco, February 4-6. According to VP & Co-Founder, Troy Clemente, "2009 may prove to be the most challenging business environment seen in years, and perhaps ever. Today, competition for corporate dollars is not just between outside vendors but strong internal competition exists for this reduced budget money as well. Fortunately, our business model has always been aligned to providing rapid ROI to our clients by achieving small successes towards larger enterprise wide objectives. Kick-off 2009 is vital to our ongoing success as we refine our message of 'doing more with less', and deliver it thoroughly and succinctly. Albeit challenging, we're confident in this economic climate as Intricity has a veteran sales and management team who have successfully overcome market volatility. Because most companies will now be extremely selective in choosing a solutions partner, we are excited as our most successful engagements have been those where prospects have performed intense due diligence. Intricity's sales acumen, coupled with our history of delivering incredibly innovative technical solutions will help ensure yet another year of impressive revenue growth and set the foundation for years to come.
"Lastly, in choosing a location for this event, we felt San Francisco was ideal since much of our growth in 2008 has come from our clients on the coast. We will continue to invest both sales and support to our western offices as we expect this trend to continue through 2009 and beyond".

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