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Intricity Continues To Give Back



December 23, 2008


Intricity, LLC, a premier global provider of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse services, is pleased to continue its support of New York area charities. So far in 2008, Intricity is proud to have supported the American Cancer Society, The New Jersey Special Olympics, The Anderson House for Women and The American Diabetes Association. Intricity has also donated sets of season New Jersey Devils tickets to the Lexi Rose Foundation for their annual fundraiser. The Lexi Rose Foundation seeks a cure for Neurofibromatosis. According to Arkady Kleyner, Vice President and Co-Founder of Intricity, "Intricity was founded on the belief that we are part of a community, both business and personal, and with that comes a responsibility to give back. We look forward to continuing our support for those in need".
If you would like to suggest a charity for support consideration, please send suggestions

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