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March Webinars with Our Partners



March 1, 2021

03 March 2021

We know there are multiple webinars going around and that webinar fatigue is real, but we think our March webinars are worth viewing!

  • 0 to Replication in 30 minutes with Fivetran on March 3. Click HERE for more details. 

  • Snowflake ProTalk: Geospatial with Arkady Kleyner and Rich Hathaway on March 17. Register HERE

  • East CDC Replication to Snowflake with StreamSets on March 25. Reserve your spot HERE

In Case You Missed It in March

Missed an event or webinar? Click for the recording. 

  • NEW Data Sharks Videocasts: Watch them HERE
  • Snowflake ProTalk: Advanced Access Control & Taking Role-Based Security to the Next Level. Watch NOW
  • Streaming for Complex Data Landscapes. Watch NOW

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