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Upcoming Webinar: Auto Engineering on Snowflake



August 31, 2019


What if you could generate all the assets for Snowflake in a single button click? Yes, all the orchestration, all the ELT/ETL, and all the SQL code. Now imagine doing that WITHOUT adding yet another processing/runtime engine to your deployment.

Rich Hathaway from INTRICITY will be showing how this can be done using BladeBridge Studio's Data Warehouse Automation code generators. In this session we will cover:

-   Auto generating orchestration code
-   Auto generating integration scripts
-   Auto generating SQL scripts
-   Auto generating documentation automatically
-   Auto generating data lineage

This webinar is one you don't want to miss. Register here and join us on Wednesday, July, 29.

UPDATE: Did you miss the webinar? Click here to access the recording:

Want to continue learning more about Snowflake? We have a webinar series dedicated specifically to Snowflake! Come back every month for a new topic in our Snowflake ProTalk series. Each topic will be different, but the one commonality will be that it revolves around optimizing Snowflake for you, your business and IT teams and your company. 

If you don't find what you're looking for and you don't see an upcoming Snowflake ProTalk covering a specific topic, let us know and we will cover it in an upcoming webinar or help address any concerns you may have. 

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