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INTRICITY Joins Secupi and Snowflake for Upcoming Webinar



August 26, 2019


UPDATE: Click here for access to the webinar's recording.

Exciting things ahead! Join us on June 11th, for our upcoming webinar with SecuPi and Snowflake where we talk about #security#privacy and #governance in the #cloud.

Requirements to secure data take many turns in a highly complex organization. In this webinar Glenn Hillam, Sr. Solution Architect at Intricity, Atalia Horenshtien, Sr. Director at SecuPi, and Jonathan Sander, Security Field CTO at Snowflake will do a deep dive into the maze of scenarios and how to solve them.

In this webinar you will learn:
-   Vaultless Tokenization
-   Fine Grain Access Control (ABAC)
-   Encryption Techniques including Dynamic Data Masking
-   Database Activity Auditing & Monitoring
-   Column, Row, & Field Level Security
-   Key per Column
-   Hold Your Own Key (HYOK)
-   Data Protection at Rest & in Motion
-   Data Protection from Ingestion to Consumption
-   Organize Policies
-   Architecting SecuPi into Your Environment

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