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Dirty Data- Why You Should Care

Jared Hillam

Jared Hillam

November 13, 2010

It seems sometimes that companies just don't care about dirty data. This video talks about why (more…) you SHOULD care.

Text from the Video:

If there’s one thing that’s surprised me through my years in the data and information management industry, it’s how little companies spend on data quality.

At one point I even determined that Executives just don’t care about their data.

Well today I’m going to share why you SHOULD care, and how dirty data can be a hazardous issue to ignore

We’re going to start by entering into the operation of a company

Lets follow an order through this company with dirty data

We’ll imagine this is a large manufacturer of expensive industrial parts, and that a sales rep finds and closes a deal with a brand new customer.  Now early on in the sales process the sales rep carelessly entered in 401 6th Street as the customers street address instead of the right address which is 401 9th Street.  This is no more than a simple typo on a computer keypad, but it happens all the time.

The order enters into the organization and the process carries its course fulfilling the customer request. However, it’s not just the flow of the process that gets penetrated,  this information propagates into the various systems that support this process.

Now not everybody in the company falls for the dirty data.  In fact in this case  and astute Billing Department confirms the correct billing address and enters it into their system.

So the bill arrives without a hitch, but the product never reaches the customer

We can see here that your data is fully linked your company’s process.  Dirty Data can be the source of consistent train wrecks.  And what’s more Dirty Data can make it far more difficult to make accurate strategic decisions.

Intricity Specializes in delivering data and information management solutions which take dirty data into account, and synchronize the data that supports your various processes, which in turn makes for happy customers.  I encourage you to talk with one of their Specialist, so that we can get in the business of making your customers happy.

--Jared Hillam, EIM Practice Director

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