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Case Study: A “Do No Harm” DW Migration to Snowflake



July 26, 2019


About the Client

The Client provides best in class services for leading hedge funds around the world. Their solution included fund administration, integrated risk & portfolio management, middle office services, tax support, regulatory & compliance reporting, and complete shadow accounting services, underpinned by SOC 1 certified controls.


INTRICITY is a team of specialized Data Management, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence experts. The team members at INTRICITY have been handpicked over the course of 20 years, and represent the top talent globally in Data oriented disciplines.


Reporting and Analytics were an important part of the Client’s administration platform. However, these data-hungry applications were bottle-necked by the limitations imposed by SQL Server. The Client could see that Snowflake would provide the scale they needed to eliminate the limitations imposed by a fixed hardware solution. However, making such a transition appeared to be a daunting task to their team, as many years of work had been put into their SQL Server Data Warehouse. While the desire to move to the cloud was high, the team was looking for wins that they could obtain in the current fiscal year.

To read the full case study and learn more about the top three wins, click the following link:

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