INTRICITY Webinar: Snowflake Pro Talks: Configuring Access Control

UPDATE: If you missed INTRICITY's Snowflake ProTalk Webinar about Snowflake Access Controls. You'll find the recording here.

"One of the more misunderstood tasks in a Snowflake deployment is configuring access controls. This is something even experienced consultants have a hard time understanding." – Glenn Hillam, INTRICITY Sr. Solutions Architect

On January, 28, 2020, join Glenn Hillam in a detailed discussion about RBAC and ABAC Access Control Models and why Snowflake security structures are designed in such a different way. In this detailed session you will learn:

– RBAC/ABAC Architectures

– How Access Controls map to the foundations of Snowflake

– Common mistakes organizations make during implementations of Snowflake

– What to do when Snowflake Access Control have been configured incorrectly