Join Us For Upcoming Webinar: SAP Data Lakes Powered by Snowflake

SAP customers are challenged with acquiring data from their valuable applications. Unlocking that data into an affordable and performant platform has long been the desire of many SAP customers. Snowflake is that platform. The cost of storage is low, and the speed of query performance is consistently the fastest, but how can SAP customers take advantage of it, connect to it, and secure it for broad corporate use?

HVR, INTRICITY, and Snowflake will be presenting a webinar on Wednesday, May 6th, about how to set up an SAP DataLake on Snowflake. In this event you will learn about:

+ Streaming data from SAP

+ Landing Data into Snowflake

+ SAP Data Lake on Snowflake architecture

+ Managing Access Control to the SAP Data Lake on Snowflake

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