Category: Customer Lifetime Value

WEBINAR: Convert Your Casual Buyers into Loyal Customers:

Discover Why Intricity Offers The Most Accurate CLV Predictions for Online Retail December 2nd, 1pm EST, 10am PST If you're responsible for marketing, and you're selling online, you already know how important Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is when making marketing spend decisions.  For example, customers with a low CLV may be unlikely to ever purchase…
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CRM Acceleration NEW YORK

Location address: New York Helmsley Hotel, 212 East 42nd Street, NY Phone number: 212-405-4208 Description: WebConference link: Getting a 360° view of your customer doesn't have to be a pipe dream. The task of increasing sales revenue and improving customer satisfaction are on the top of your list and the expectations are higher than they…
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