Case Study: 1010DATA Conversion to Snowflake

The Client measures how consumers shop across all channels, sourcing data from both retailers and consumers to quantify sales, share, distribution and velocity. The market research company collects point-of-sale data, tracking retailers, distributors and foodservice operators, measuring what’s selling at over 1,200 retailers, across over 300,000 stores.


The Customer’s adoption of 1010DATA started as a BI trial that performed well on small scale analytics. However, when they rolled it out to their large retail customers, the solution choked under the computation load. While the deployment was not ideal, the momentum of adoption kept the solution within the Customer ecosystem despite the lack of performance being a consistent thorn in their side. Intricity had assisted the Customer in helping them migrate their Hadoop/HBASE deployment to Snowflake, which was an instant success within the organization. The Customer was seeking to build on that success by targeting the customer-facing analytics supported by their struggling 1010DATA deployment. The 1010DATA deployment was a complex repository of...

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